Stephen Smith

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Executive Director


Mr. Smith is one of the most enterprising climate change activists in the Southeast. He delivers his message that “carbon pollution is profoundly impacting our planet” with conviction and often with an anecdote about his family’s electric vehicle. It sounds like he’s committed to cutting his carbon footprint. Right?

Well, it turns out Mr. Smith has a lot in common with a pioneering purveyor of carbon doom, Al Gore. Like Gore, Mr. Smith flies around in his private plane to preach about the pitfalls of carbon emissions. Mr. Smith’s efforts add up to hypocrisy, not environmental advocacy. 

Shortly after we called out Mr. Smith for his highflying hypocrisy, he went to great lengths to hide the evidence. He petitioned the FAA to block his flight logs from public view, making them no longer accessible by a simple internet search for his tail number, N5353U. While he claimed to have a “valid security concern” for blocking his logs, his true motive is self preservation.

The only risk facing Mr. Smith is the potential backlash from SACE’s donors when they find out that in 2012 alone, the environmental group paid $92,000 to an aviation company owned by Mr. Smith for the use of his private plane.

To sum it up, Mr. Smith thinks everyone else should cut their life styles in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. However, he’s not willing to drink the Kool- Aid he’s serving. Ask Mr. Smith why his words don’t match his actions.

Visit his Facebook page or email him at solar70g@gmail.com.


Dell S. Brooke

Southern Environmental Law Center, Board of Trustees


Mrs. Brooke is a “checkbook activists” who bankrolls a laundry list of environmental groups pushing a radical energy agenda that is intended to make electricity so expensive that the average family is forced to use less. She may care about the cause, but she’s not willing to lead by example.

Case in point, Mrs. Brooke’s massive 9,000 sq. ft. Mountain Brook mansion and 30-A beach house consume as much electricity in just two months as the average family uses in an entire year.

Mrs. Brooke and her son Nelson, the Black Warrior Riverkeeper, have turned environmental activism into Alabama’s newest cottage industry. Together, they support or sustain the Birmingham office of the Southern Environmental Law Center Board, the Alabama Environmental Council, Alabama Rivers Alliance, and a group called GASP.


Stephen E. O’Day

Southern Environmental Law Center, Chair of the Board


As an environmental lawyer and Chair of SELC’s Board, Mr. O’Day advocates for renewable energy subsidizes such as federal tax incentives for rooftop solar and offshore wind energy production. The cost of the tax credits doled out for green energy projects will eventually be paid for, in one form or another, by everyone who pays taxes.

This is where things get interesting. You see, Mr. O’Day owes the IRS some money in back taxes, a lot of money. That means that Mr. O’Day has not been paying his share for the tax incentives provided to the renewable energy industry. And pushing an energy agenda that is relies on taxpayer subsidies, while not paying your taxes is the definition of hypocrisy.

Did we mention that Mr. O’Day owes a lot of money to the IRS? In August 2014, an IRS tax lien was filed against Mr. O’Day’s Cobb County, Georgia home in the amount of $1,320,063. The IRS didn’t stop there, they also filed a $216,341 tax lien against his Saint Augustine, Florida beach house.

View the paperwork here.   


Kenneth M. Henson, Jr

GreenLaw Board of Directors


kenneth-henson-jrIf Mr. Henson did’t serve on GreenLaw’s board, he could very well be their target.

The Georgia-based environmental law firm believes that consuming less electricity is necessary to advert a carbon-caused crisis and that the Peach State’s affluent costal community known as Sea Island is “overdeveloped.”

Ironically, those standards don’t apply to Mr. Henson who uses more kilowatts than a small apartment complex to keep his 8,500 sq. feet of Sea Island real estate cool on a hot summer day.

And that “overdevelopment” must have started after Mr. Henson claimed his colossal parcels of of Sea Island paradise.


Mr. Steve LaBriola

GreenLaw Board of Directors


steve-labriolaAs a successful litigator, Mr. LaBriola enjoys the finer things in life, including a home large enough to fit three average-sized houses inside of it with room to spare.

Bigger is better, unless of coarse your are a board member of a green group that is telling families in those average-sized houses they need to use less electricity to cut their carbon footprint.

You can see this hypocrisy, and possibly the LaBriola home, from ten miles away.


Nathaniel Simons

Founder of the Sea Change Foundation


#6 Nat SimonsNathaniel Simons might not be household name, but you will likely recognize the green groups in this hedge fund tycoon’s “Astroturf Portfolio.” Over the past three years, Simons’ Sea Change Foundation has given tens of millions in grants to the San Francisco based Energy Foundation. His money was then passed to national environmental groups including the Natural Resource Defense Council and Sierra Club along with their regional counterparts, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and the Southern Environmental Law Center.

While much of the Sea Change Foundation’s funds come directly from the Simons family, $23 million dollars was funneled to the nonprofit from a shady Bermuda-based entity named Klein Ltd. At best, this is a sleazy scheme to avoid U.S. taxes, at worst it’s a deceitful poly to use foreign money to influence U.S. policy. We would love to know the answer, but Klein Ltd only exists on paper and an in-depth investigation recently completed by a key U.S. Senate subcommittee was unable to uncover the source of this foreign dark money.

Simons’ daily commute earns him a spot on our list of top carbon hypocrites. The groups he funds want you and me to take the bus to work or buy a bike, but our conservation can not offset the carbon consumption of his commute. Simons rides aboard his 1,550-horsepower, 54-foot yacht to the office each day. Of coarse, this is a mere dingy compared to his father’s 220-foot super yacht named Archimedes.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Vice Chair of Riverkeeper and
President of Waterkeeper Alliance


#7 Robert F. Kennedy, JrRFK, Jr. is well known as a radical environmentalist, but few are aware of this New Yorker’s Deep South nexus. His Godson, David Whiteside, brought the Waterkeeper franchise to Alabama by forming Black Warriror Riverkeeper, Coosa Riverkeeper, and Tennessee Riverkeeper. Kennedy tried to use his “star power” to bolster his Godson’s efforts, but his appearance in videos like this one chastising the Alabama Department of Environmental Management proved to be as useful as a lead ballon.

Kennedy’s carbon hypocrisy was cataloged in author Peter Schweizer’s book Do as I Say (Not as I Do). Apparently Kennedy receives royalty payments for participation in two family-owned oil drilling companies, something he fails to mention when he’s lambasting the fossil fuel industry.

Ironically, Kennedy recently said he thinks energy CEOs should be jailed for “treason”.


Tom Steyer

Founder of NextGen Climate


#8 Tom-SteyerBillionaire plutocrat Tom Steyer spent $65 million dollars during the 2014 election cycle in an effort to defeat candidates that did not support his climate agenda. In Florida alone, NextGen spent $20 million dollars, opened 21 offices, and ran thousands of television commercials in an unsuccessful bid to unseat Governor Rick Scott. Despite facing defeat in 20124, the group has vowed to keep pushing their environmental agenda in the Sunshine State.

Steyer’s carbon hypocrisy stems from the fact he made his fortune, in part, from fossil fuels – the very energy source he now condemns – while he was a hedge fund manager at Farallon Capital Management, a firm he founded.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Natural Resources Defense Council, Board of Trustees


#9 Leo DiCaprioAs an NRDC Trustee, actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio has helped fund and support a group that top U.S. Senators say yielded undue influence with the EPA and colluded with the agency to help develop and rollout their proposed carbon regulations. These costly new regulations will have a disproportionately detrimental impact on coal producing states and Southern states that depend on coal to generate the majority of their electricity.

DiCaprio’s carbon hypocrisy rap sheet is entertainingly presented in this video recently released by the Environmental Policy Alliance.


Al Gore

The Godfather of Carbon Hypocrisy and founder of Alliance for Climate Protection


#10 Al GoreWhile he may not have actually invented the internet, no one disputes that Al Gore invented carbon hypocrisy.

The former Vice President and Tennessee Senator started a climate crusade with the release of his 2006 film, An Inconvenient Truth.

The successes of Gore’s climate campaign has been overshadowed by the backlash of criticism he faced for his excessive carbon footprint created by his absolutely massive home and his fuel guzzling private jet.